These are just some samples of my reel. A few bands/songwriters and a few various commercial compositions I've worked on. If you're looking to record with me and want to hear any current sounds/projects go HERE. Also providing Analog Tape Mastering with a 1/4" Otari MTR-10. Email me rates/details  at [email protected]

You can hear my music production podcast with Matt Rowles at

The Wild Hunt - Quiet Hounds

Producer, Engineer, Writer 2014

Signal & Noise - Musical Score for Zack Arias

Composer 2013

Meghan Arias - Bullshop

Producer, Engineer, Musician 2012

Commercial composition 2012


Action Sequence composition 2012


Ipad video game theme composition 2011

      Delta Spirit Live - IndieATL Session - September 2013

        Mixing Engineer

         Quiet Hounds live at the Goat Farm Atlanta, GA November 17th, 2012

         Mixing Engineer

      Young & United Web Commercial 2012

        Sound Editing, Composition, Mixing Engineer